Mentors are the backbone of this program! Without good mentors willing to commit their time and energies to the youth of the program, there just wouldn't be a significant outcome.  Therefore, POLESTAR-OUTDOORS places a good deal of energy and effort in recruiting and training men and women for the job.  We further believe that there are many well-qualified adult mentors who can benefit from a relationship with a youth.  With these ideas in mind we are looking for men and women who want to invest in, and learn from youth. So there is a very conscious effort to team mentor/youth with mutually beneficial counterparts.



 MENTORS: (selection)

  • Mentors will be selected who have  expressed a willingness and desire to share with youth and specifically have expressed that they want to fit into the parameters of our program.
  • We will recruit both male and female mentors.
  • Mentors will be selected by the Program Director and approved by the Polestar Board of Directors.
  • Potential mentors must submit to a third party background check.


MENTORS: (training)

  • Mentors will be asked to attend 2 sessions where we discuss the overall objectives of POLESTAR and will be offered training in the following areas: (as needed)-
  • leading  outdoor and/or spiritual discussions with a young person
  • sharing your life story
  • legal issues, (State and Federal laws)
  • landowner relations
  • ethical hunting practices
  • how to handle discussions of our basic goals


MENTORS: (our expectations)

  • Mentors have demonstrated  safe, ethical and successful hunting skills.
  • Mentors are willing to make a 1 year commitment to work with his/her assigned youth to maximize the chance of success in the field and to provide a longer-term relationship.
  • Mentors will be willing to use their equipment and pay their expenses while serving the youth.


MENTORS: (what they can expect of leader(s))

  • Training
  • Private venues where landowners have bought into POLESTAR-OUTDOOR'S program.
  • Liaison with appropriate State Wildlife agencies (permits where required).
  • Excellent hunting/fishing opportunities---
  • lots of game
  • little or no competition
  • excellent equipment
  • in-field help at all times

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