About Polestar Outdoors

Polestar Outdoors was created to enrich the lives of young people through the outdoors and in doing so (1) teach conservation practices and sportsman's ethics, (2) teach outdoor safety and renewable resource management, (3) teach constitutional principles, expounding on the First and Second Amendments, (4) Instill patriotic values and responsible citizenship and (5) Instill Judeo-Christian values.


Founded in Powell, Wyoming, Polestar Outdoors uses hunting and fishing as venues to bring adult mentors and young people together.  We are striving for long-term relationships that have both spiritual and outdoor recreational benefits through greater appreciation of nature, the development of hunting and fishing skills, sportsman's ethics, and conservation practices. There is a strong emphasis on outdoor education and recruitment of youth into the hunting and fishing sports.


Polestar Outdoors is a 501(c)(3) Wyoming Corporation.

Recruit Youth


Young men and women ages 11-18 into hunting,  fishing, camping, hiking, etc.

Recruit Mentors


Well-qualified adults trained in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Recruit Donors


Without the contributions of many supporters this wouldn't be possible.

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